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Managing shrink in yearlings off grass
Shrink. It’s a fact of life, and not just as it relates to your favorite blue jeans. In the beef industry, shrink can be defined as the difference between pay weight and the actual weight of cattle upon arrival at their destination. Seasoned cattle...
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Alternatives to culling in times of drought
Many parts of our great country are firmly in the grasp of a severe drought. Due to these weather conditions and low hay supplies, producers may be faced with the decision of whether to reduce animal numbers in an attempt to stretch feed...
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Getting the most out of summer grass
In many areas, we have been blessed with excellent growing conditions for pasture and hay. Especially for spring-calving herds, the resulting abundance of quality forage often coincides with peak milk production and the time that calves begin to...
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Role of nutrition in successful beef breeding
Farmers and ranchers expect their beef brood cows to achieve one important goal each year — to conceive and give birth to a live, healthy calf. Beef cattle reproduction is the foundation for profitability, and failure to do so is one of the...
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Choose mineral supplements that complement summer grazing
As spring fades into summer, cattlemen begin to rely heavily on summer grass to provide nutrition to their herds. Growth, reproductive efficiency, and milk production as it influences weaning weight are all important contributors to a cow-calf...
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Product labels offer clues to mineral mysteries
This is a busy time of year for farmers and their livestock. Fall-calving cows are in early gestation and may be nursing large calves. Spring-calvers are often at peak lactation, and breeding season is approaching. All stages of production are very...
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Minerals are critical component of animal health
Recently, I was asked to be a guest lecturer in a nutrition class at a university. My job was to educate the students on the interaction between nutrition and its impact on animal health. As I was preparing for this lecture, it struck me how much...
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Organic selenium has numerous benefits for beef cattle
In the never-ending quest to help cattle unlock the potential in available forages, mineral supplementation is a widely accepted practice. Perhaps none of the components in a commercial cattle mineral mix has such a storied and colorful history as...
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