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Poultry Resources

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Balanced diets important for animal health
The importance of feeding a balanced diet to an animal is greatly emphasized from a nutritional standpoint, yet little is said about how a balanced diet can affect the health of an animal. It is well known that nutrition and health go hand in hand....
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Prepare carefully for arrival of baby chicks
Raising a group of baby chicks from just after hatching to adulthood can be a rewarding educational experience for young and old alike. As with all newborns, proper care and nutrition are key ingredients in the recipe for success.
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Minerals are critical component of animal health
Recently, I was asked to be a guest lecturer in a nutrition class at a university. My job was to educate the students on the interaction between nutrition and its impact on animal health. As I was preparing for this lecture, it struck me how much...
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Remember nutrition for ‘backyard’ poultry
Fresh eggs, fewer insects, more responsible children, and enhanced aesthetics for your rural lifestyle are among the numerous benefits of maintaining a backyard poultry flock. Such projects are becoming more popular across the country as emphasis...
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Preparation key to chick care
Spring is almost here, and soon 4-H’ers will be receiving chicks as part of the University of Tennessee’s long-running Chick Chain program that teaches kids the responsibilities involved in raising farm animals.  Many...
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Defining differences in poultry diets
For chickens and other poultry, the digestive process needs a little help. When the birds consume feed, it enters the mouth and mixes with saliva.  As feed is swallowed, it travels down the esophagus to the crop, a part...
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