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Sheep Resources

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Match sheep feeds to stage of production
Co-op offers you multiple sheep products based on nutritional requirements, recent scientific research, and the latest knowledge of feed ingredients. Safety, nutrient interactions, and responsible use of feed ingredients were also criteria...
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Nutrition key to successful sheep breeding
Sheep producers expect breeding ewes to conceive and give birth to healthy lambs at least once a year. Successful reproduction is the foundation for profitability, and failure to do so is one of the first reasons for culling. Unless lambs are...
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Balanced diets important for animal health
The importance of feeding a balanced diet to an animal is greatly emphasized from a nutritional standpoint, yet little is said about how a balanced diet can affect the health of an animal. It is well known that nutrition and health go hand in hand....
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Minerals are critical component of animal health
Recently, I was asked to be a guest lecturer in a nutrition class at a university. My job was to educate the students on the interaction between nutrition and its impact on animal health. As I was preparing for this lecture, it struck me how much...
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