Co-op Dry Cow Mineral
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Co-op Dry Cow Mineral


Mineral for non-lactating dairy cattle.


Calcium (min)15.0 %
(max)18.0 %
Phosphorus (min)10.0 %
Salt (min)11.0 %
(max)13.0 %
Magnesium (min)2.0 %
Potassium (min)0.65 %
Sulfur (min)1.0 %
Cobalt (min)30 ppm
Copper (min)1,800 ppm
Iodine (min)90 ppm
Iron (min)3,000 ppm
Manganese (min)4,500 ppm
Selenium (min)30 ppm
Zinc (min)8,000 ppm
Vitamin A (min)380,000 IU/lb
Vitamin D-3 (min)55,000 IU/lb
Vitamin E (min)950 IU/lb

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Balanced source of vitamins & minerals specifically designed for dry cows & springing heifers.
Contains highest legal level of selenium including selenium yeast.
Fortified with high levels of vitamins including vitamin E at the most up-to-date levels shown from latest dry cow research.
Fortified with magnesium (from MgO).
Mineral package, including trace mineral, formulated for multiple stages of the dry period including minimum level of salt (NaCl) to discourage udder edema.

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 Co-op Dry Cow Mineral is designed to be fed free choice to dairy cows and springing heifers throughout the dry period on a non-legume forage diet. Consumption should be 4 to 6 oz per head per day, but not to exceed 0.3 ppm of selenium in the total ration. If cattle consume more or less than these levels, feeder should be moved further or closer to the general resting or watering area. If cattle still fail to consume the correct amount, discontinue feeding this mineral and vitamin supplement.

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