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Manage spring grazing to limit laminitis

Spring is a favorite time of year for many horse owners. Finally, the days are getting longer and temperatures are climbing, and if you look close enough, you can start to see the grass beginning to green.

As horse owners, we...

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Performance horses need the right fuel
As I regularly visit with equine owners, I realize that low-starch diets have become a “fad” in feeding horses. While admittedly some horses — including those that suffer from insulin resistance, equine metabolic syndrome, Cushing’s disease, and...
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Selenium for equine: Now highly beneficial
In the realm of animal nutrition, Selenium has gone from goat to hero.  Once feared as a carcinogen, Selenium is now recognized as an essential mineral and the benefits of its inclusion in equine diets are numerous. 
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Minerals are critical component of animal health
Recently, I was asked to be a guest lecturer in a nutrition class at a university. My job was to educate the students on the interaction between nutrition and its impact on animal health. As I was preparing for this lecture, it struck me how much...
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Equine insect control
As the summer months swiftly roll in, many horse enthusiasts will begin to spend more time with their horses.   While there are several factors that can affect the quality of that time spent with an equine companion, insects need not be...
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Deworming strategies for horses: They aren’t what they used to be!
In the “good ole days,” horses were dewormed on a rigid time schedule whether they needed it or not, and depending on personal belief, dewormer rotation may have been employed to avoid parasite resistance.  Most horses were dewormed on this...
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Creep-feeding can benefit foals
As we begin a new year, the foal crop will soon start arriving! While the anticipation of sex, color, and conformation of these foals has been building since last spring, your main priority will be to sell an attractive, healthy foal. That’s why it...
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Address horse health before show season starts
During the hustle and bustle of getting show horses fit and ready for the ring, don’t forget important health concerns to address before the season gets under way.

First, all horses that compete at rodeos, shows, and other events...
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Equine Herpes Virus 1 (EHV-1) outbreak
Recently, there was an outbreak of a serious horse disease in the western part of the United States.  This outbreak caused serious concern among horse owners and rightfully so.  Information and education are powerful weapons against...
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Rotational grazing can benefit horse pastures
By now, pastures are well on their way to being lush and green. While thoughts of running out of pasture are far from our minds, we should always be looking for ways to improve the quality and quantity of forage in our...
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Prepare your horses for cooler temperatures
Though winter conditions are not as severe in the Southeast as they are in other areas of the country, they do warrant changes in management practices in comparison to what we’ve been doing with our horses in summer and...
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Proper preparation puts show horses a step ahead
Horse show season never ended for some, but for others it is just around the corner. Making sure your horse is in peak condition can be a tedious task that involves a proper health program, dental care, farrier work, and sound training as well as...
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Spring management practices for horses
If celebrity groundhog Punxsutawney Phil is right in his prediction, we’re set to have an early spring.  As the seasons change, so do our management practices.  Here are a few considerations that are important for...
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Foal health depends on more than the mare
Nursing foals are a group of the equine population that often gets left out when it comes to animal health. Why? The natural tendency for most equine owners is to let the mare take care of the foal by providing both nutrition and health through...
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